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A Letter of Grievance From the Mother of ‘Anna’ to Australia’s ABC

ABC’s reporting is a flagrant attack on me and the entire Falun Gong community. It has taken a completely unethical approach and contains numerous falsehoods and misrepresentations to support the narrative that Falun Gong is “abusive,” “cult-like,” strange, or dangerous. ABC did not contact me to fact-check statements attributed to Anna, recollected from when she was a child, more than 17 years ago. I can only conclude that ABC had no interest in the truth or fairness but was only looking for material which would confirm its bigotry against Falun Gong.

ABC Kowtow to CCP

Australian TV program defaming Falun Gong is harmful and biased reporting, has CCP overtones

The Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) is a taxpayer-funded institution and is a billion-dollar-a-year national institution. It is now seen to endorse and encourage Beijing’s commitment to silence critical voices not only in China but in other countries.

The ABC no longer promotes values and core principles, as it has done in the past. This is evident in its recent hatchet job on the minority group Falun Gong.