Call for Rescue of Australian Family Members Wrongly Detained in China

Help the Victims in China

This is a page dedicated to raise the awareness, and requesting that the members of the Australian House of Representative to do all it can, to help the urgent release of the following Australian family members in China who have been illegally detained.

Case 1. Australian citizen Lorrita Liu’s mother Yuhua Li and sister Chunxia Liu have been illegally detained in China.

Case 2: Canberra Resident Mrs Liangchun Lu's Mother, Mrs Sufeng Geng From Huxin City, Liaoning Province has been illegally detained in Xindi Detention Centre since 11 September 2015.

Case 3: Brisbane Residents Emma Xiao Ma's Father Mr Minghai Ma and her aunt Mrs Ma From Shanxi Province were unlawfully arrested again by the Chinese police On 10 May, 2016 and they both are still in the Chinese detention to date.

Case 4: Adelaide Resident Emily’s Mother Mrs Jinrong Wang from Dalian City, Liaoning Province Was Illegally Arrested in June 2016 for Practicing Falun Gong.


Relevant information

Australian Senate Motion No. 704 (1 December 2003)