(Minghui.org) The 22nd Austria Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference was held at Baden near Vienna on June 15, 2024. Fourteen practitioners went on stage to share their personal cultivation stories and understandings gained while clarifying the truth to people. Those who attended the conference said they learned a lot from listening to other practitioners’ experiences and said they hoped to improve in cultivation, as well as form one body with fellow practitioners.

Practitioners shared their personal cultivation stories.


Cooperating Better With Practitioners in Assisting Master in Fa Rectification

Maria spoke of her experiences while striving to coordinate better with practitioners through participating in Shen Yun hotline ticket sales in the past 6 months. She said, “Every day, from 8am to 8pm, we had to make sure there was someone in our small team on duty. Besides helping others, my responsibility was to ensure there was someone answering phone calls all the time. This was my top priority every day.”

To make things easier, team members filled in the times they were available. If during peak times no one could answer phone calls, Maria put aside what she was doing and stood in for them. She observed that when she was able to let go of self, problems were resolved. Practitioners would find time to fill in the empty slots. She said, “My understanding now is this is a way of working with one another. When someone is able to let go of self, others will help take on the responsibility and the important role of answering phone calls.”

Maria spoke of how she learned to cooperate better with other practitioners through taking part in Shen Yun hotline ticket sales.


Walking on the Path Arranged by Master Through Producing Truth Clarification Movies

Alex shared that from reading the cultivation story of Milarepa Buddha, he realised how important it is to regard oneself as a cultivator and walk resolutely on the path arranged by Master. He observed that there were similarities between his cultivation experiences and the process Buddha Milarepa went through while building a house.

He took part in producing a movie to clarify the facts about the persecution and spent a lot of time on audio mixing. He later learned that there were changes in the movie script, and consequently the work he did previously was wasted. As a professional audio mixer, he thought it was a great pity. Based on his professional experience, he tried to find shortcuts to finish the new audio mixing job sooner.

“Just like Milerepa, I refused to build the second house because I had already built the first one. The ‘smart’ part of me thought I must find a way to get out of this situation.” However, all those “smart” ways were fruitless. He realised that he needed to re-evaluate things. This is not a job among ordinary people that one can link time and money together. A professional may appear to be able to control everything, but this is cultivation.

Alex said, “I understood that right from the start, Master arranged my cultivation path. I have no say over some things, even though I thought I could dictate things. I am extremely familiar with my job. However, no matter how talented I may be on the surface, the final result is not the objective of being involved in this project. I have to improve in cultivation in the process. Human rules don’t work here. I must go above the human level. This is a cultivation opportunity that Master arranged for me. The limitations of my human thinking had to be blown away in this case.”

Alex realised the importance of resolutely walking the path arranged by Master.


Recognising One’s Responsibility Amidst Difficulties

Johannes began practicing Falun Dafa in 2016 and has not been cultivating for a long time. He spoke of how he realized his responsibility despite the difficulties, and he was able to help with Shen Yun in 16 cities.

Before departing, he thought that he had already applied for leave and all his preparations were made. Suddenly, his boss announced that he was bankrupt. Johannes began to worry if he would be able to pay for his trip. He then recalled articles written by practitioners in China, “Practitioners in China often shared how they overcame fear in the dangerous environment there and how they had faith in Master and Dafa in that extreme environment.”

Through studying the Fa, he saw clearly his responsibility as a Dafa disciple, assisting Master in Fa-rectification. He started to book cheaper accommodations and switched to traveling by train or bus at night as the fares were cheaper. While Johannes was busy helping with Shen Yun, an old friend offered him a job. Thus, his problems were resolved.

He said, “Master arranged everything. It’s truly unbelievable.” He also realised the worries he had before departing were manifestations of human notions. He said this experience strengthened his faith in Master and the Fa.