(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners held activities at the Place de la République in Paris, France on May 6, 2024. Place de la République is located in the centre of Paris and is an important place for assembly and protest. The practitioners raised awareness of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) persecution and collected signatures on a petition calling to stop the brutality.

The CCP head was visiting France. The practitioners demonstrated the exercises at the Place de la République in Paris, drawing many tourists who stopped and watched. Many people talked to practitioners and expressed their concerns. After learning about Falun Dafa, they also expressed their support for the practice and signed a petition.

Practitioners demonstrated the exercises on the Place de la République in Paris on May 6, 2024.

Francia is an educator. Her role is to assist children, teenagers or adults who may be mentally or physically disabled, helping them live independently and integrating into society.

She passed by the venue and was drawn by a painting on display. She said, “I felt the image speaking. What drew me to the painting was this beautiful girl with huge sadness on her face. Even though she had her head raised, she actually had a heavy heart. This can be seen in the painting.”

Francia said she didn’t know much about Falun Dafa, but after listening to the practitioner’s detailed introduction, she understood the situation. “The lady gave me a very good explanation about the Chinese Communist Party’s persecution, including organ harvesting from living people. I’m sad and angry. I’m disgusted that this has happened,” she said.

“I am here to sign this petition against the persecution. I am happy to do so, and I also hope that everything will change. Everyone should sign it and oppose this persecution,” she said.

“We have to keep fighting and not give up. Each of us can change the world, even if we are limited in what we can do. To me, that’s very important.”

Regarding the arrival of the CCP head, Francia said she had something to say: “Love yourself. Care for your surroundings and others. And stop this kind of thing (persecution) from continuing to happen.”

Raising awareness of the persecution and collecting signatures on the petition.


Don’t Work with Dictators

Alain, a union member, said, “I’m against any dictator setting foot in the country. For me, shaking hands with a dictator is absolutely unacceptable behavior. History has shown us that this is not the right thing to do. This is like turning a blind eye to the persecution. In other words, who are you when you shake hands with someone who is a tacit dictator, someone who controls the top power in China, and who must be aware of what’s going on?

“I have seen the pictures and photos you showed. The persecution has been going on for many years. The peaceful struggle cannot stop, and we must persist until the persecution stops. History has proven this lesson. We cannot tolerate dictators!”

Olivier passed by the Place de la Repubblica and said, “Dictators put people in prison throughout the country, and the result is always the same: persecution, imprisonment, killing, and then their organs are harvested.”

Residents and tourists sign the petition.


Voice from Young People

Sid Oudainia Beaulieu is an artistic director. He said that faith and spiritual practice should make the country’s diversity a strength. This is the power of the country. It should not divide people but unite them. They will begin to understand each other and thrive on China’s freedom. He called on the CCP: “Release all persecuted people and Falun Gong practitioners. They should practice freely. This is their wish.”

Maxime is a student at the Beaux-Arts de Paris. He said that Falun Dafa is a very good practice. He called for an immediate end to the persecution in China, and letting people practice freely.

Vincent Mettel, a young man from London, said, “No communism in China. No communism anywhere in the world!”