(Minghui.org) I’m 55 years old and live in a village. On February 15, 1999, a neighbour told me her grandmother began practicing Falun Dafa and her illnesses disappeared. I said, “Let’s go and take a look.” When we arrived at her grandmother’s house, we heard melodious music. I was deeply moved as I listened, and I could not stop crying.

When they began doing the second exercise I was happy and smiled. While I did the exercise I felt so great that I couldn’t stop smiling.

A few days later, they brought me a copy of Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Dafa. I hurried home from the fields every day and read the book. At first, I could not accept what Master Li (Dafa’s founder) talked about so I had some doubts about Dafa. However, benevolent Master already started looking after me and cleansed my body.

When I told the practitioners at the practice site they said I was fortunate because Master was helping me and eliminating the bad things from my body. However, my understanding of the Fa was low and I did not believe them. I said, “I just started reading the book but Master already started taking care of me? I don’t believe it.” But Falun Dafa is indeed miraculous.

I vomited for a month and then it stopped. My abdomen used to ache; I also had menstrual cramps, piles, and migraine headaches whenever it rained. I remembered what Master said in Zhuan Falun, about eliminating karma, so I did not take any medication to stop the vomiting.

All my illnesses disappeared. I understood that when I vomited, Master was cleansing my body and getting rid of my bad karma. Afterward, I had the great feeling of having a body that is free of illnesses. When I walked, it felt as though a breeze was pushing me and I was very happy. No words can describe my gratitude to Master.

In February 2018 I went to plant ginger. The work started early in the morning and I clarified the truth to the other workers. That evening after we finished, the employer told me that he damaged my motorcycle when he was bringing the ginger seedlings to the field. I was not initially upset. However, when I saw my motorcycle, I was unhappy.

I silently complained, “Why didn’t he tell me earlier? It’s already dark and the motorcycle handle is crooked. I live fifty miles away, and I’ll have difficulty driving home.” However, I remembered that Master told us to have consideration for others. He did not damage my motorcycle on purpose. So, I said it was fine.

Seeing that I wasn’t angry, he said, “Why don’t I take it to a repair shop?” I replied, “No need. It’s already night. Besides, I can still drive it home.” He wanted to give me money, but I refused. When my neighbor who came to help with the work saw that I turned down the money she did not understand.

I said, “Our Master taught us to be good people. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) uses the media to fabricate lies and defame Falun Dafa—this harms people because they now hate practitioners.” She said, “Yes, there are few moral people in China these days, but Falun Dafa is really good.” I helped all six of them quit the CCP’s youth organisations and I gave them information about Falun Dafa and the persecution. I was happy for them because they understood the truth and chose a wonderful future.

In 2004, my family bought a house. At that time, we did not have much money so we borrowed 10,000 yuan (~US $1,401) from the bank and borrowed another 10,000 yuan from others with the promise of high-interest rates. One morning, a woman from our village knocked on our door to ask for a loan. She said her grandson needed brain surgery.

My family only had 700 yuan left but I gave it to her. If I did not practice Falun Dafa, I definitely would not lend her the money. Master taught me to be a good person and be considerate in everything I do, put others before myself, and be selfless. The Fa principles changed me.

One early spring, a neighbour and I were hired to work in the fields. Our job was to uncover the grape seedlings that were buried the previous autumn. Before we finished a few meters, she was so tired that she was panting heavily. The grape seedlings on her side of the field were buried very deeply so it took a lot of effort to uncover them. The seedlings on my side were not buried very deep.

I saw her panting and sweating profusely. I looked at the long field. I remembered that she was in her 60s, but I’m ten years younger. I said, “Let’s switch sides.” She was a little embarrassed at first. But seeing that I was sincere, she agreed.

After a while, she said, “Hey, you who practice Falun Dafa, are really different. Someone else would not be willing to change sides with me. Not only that, they would have criticised me for being old and slow. I really did not expect that Falun Dafa practitioners have such good hearts.”

On June 20, 2016, the son-in-law of my husband’s uncle died. He was only in his 40s and left behind two young daughters and his elderly father who was in his 80s.

When he was still alive, he handled everything, including the work in the fields—when to plant, how much fertiliser to use, and when it was time to harvest. His wife was not involved in the farming. The pillar of the family was suddenly gone. It felt like the sky collapsed on them.

Besides having to take care of her daughters and father-in-law, her mother was seriously ill. Her sisters married and left the village and her husband’s family consisted of an elderly father and an aunt who lived far away.

Their situation was dire. There was no one to water the peanuts or corn. I did not hesitate and helped her. I also helped her when it was time to harvest the crops. I helped her so much that the other villagers thought she was paying me, but I did not receive any money.

During the twenty-four years I’ve practiced Falun Dafa, I’ve had many similar opportunities to let go of my selfishness and be considerate. I know that I’ve been able to become such a good person all because of Falun Dafa. I’ve changed, and I know how to be a proper human being now. I hope that everyone in the world can learn the truth about Falun Dafa, be saved, and have a wonderful future.