(Minghui.org) Liu Binghua, 56, is a senior manager with a property insurance company in Taiwan. Shattered dreams once drove him to consider suicide. However, after obtaining a copy of Zhuan Falun, he managed to turn his life around.


An Unhappy Childhood

Binghua grew up in a poor, single-parent family. “My mother abandoned our family when I was still young, and our neighbours labeled me a motherless child. My father spent his waking hours running his noodle business and had no time to care for me. Our house was in such bad condition that rain would leak through the roof and hit my face while I was sleeping.”


A Bus at Fate’s Crossroads

To escape this cold reality, Binghua started hanging out with an unsavory group of friends instead of returning home.

During his senior year of high school, a gangster youth asked Binghua to move away from home and stay with him. Binghua packed his bags and prepared to run away from home, but deep down inside he was at a loss. “By leaving, I knew I was condemning my future.” Despite his misgivings, he still made his way to the bus stop. “Strangely, the bus that would deliver me to my friend’s house never showed up. Eventually, the bus that would take me home arrived and I decided to get on. I returned home with my luggage intact.”

Perhaps divine will was at work. The fateful bus that delivered him home also carried him away from the group of gangster friends. After that, Binghua gradually drifted away from the group.


Graduating High School with Dreams of Making It Big, Yet Almost Driven to Suicide

Binghua failed to enter college after graduating from high school. While doing his required military service, he kept pondering how he could obtain a good career and earn a fortune. Finally, he decided to retake the law school entrance examination and become a respectable lawyer.

Binghua devoted time and energy to his studies, and eventually obtained admission to Fu Jen Catholic University’s Law Department. “My girlfriend’s family refused to bless our marriage until I was admitted to the bar. After graduating, I worked during the day and studied hard at night, hoping to realise my dream and earn a fortune. I was even willing to trade a few years of my life to succeed in this endeavor.”

Binghua put all his hopes and efforts into preparing for the bar qualification examination, but he failed to pass the exam. This outcome completely defeated Binghua and thew him into despair. He hatched an extreme plan to lavishly spend all his money before ending his life.

Just as he was prepared to embark on this road of no return, a friend gave him a copy of Zhuan Falun. Not only did it make him reconsider his hellish decision, but it also explained the cause behind the various misfortunes in his life.


Life-changing Experience after Reading Zhuan Falun

“After reading a third of the book Zhuan Falun, my nose started to run, and I suffered a fever of over 40 degrees celcius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). I repeatedly sought medical treatment, but my symptoms persisted. Finally, my friend advised me to finish reading the book. I continued reading and even learned the five sets of exercises online. My symptoms soon vanished, and afterward I realised that this was [Dafa’s founder] Master Li’s way of helping me purify my body.”

Binghua practicing the exercises in a park.

After learning Falun Dafa, Binghua quit his smoking habit without even trying. “I used to smoke heavily. I even told my girlfriend that there were two ingrained habits I would never give up. One was smoking and the other was playing mahjong. Not long after I started studying Dafa, my girlfriend gave me a box of imported cigarettes. I felt an unexpected bout of nausea immediately after opening it, exactly as Master described in Zhuan Falun. I waited a few more days before trying again, yet the nausea persisted. From then on, I quit my habit of smoking and stopped playing mahjong.”

Binghua had been a cynical person who indulged in many bad habits including smoking, drinking, and gambling. His friends were confident that nothing in the world could change him. Yet Falun Dafa indeed changed him for the better, leaving his friends speechless.

“I was able to overhaul my life because of the power of Dafa. Through studying the Fa, I learned the true meaning of life and why mine was arranged this way. Whenever I encounter difficulties, conflicts or injustice, Dafa gives me the knowledge to deal with it in the best way. Whenever I try to improve myself, Dafa accommodates and guides my path. Falun Dafa has completely reversed my negative state of mind and outlook on life.”

Binghua practicing the exercises.


Transforming Body and Mind through Practicing Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance

At work, Binghua measures his thoughts and actions according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Once, during an important presentation with all the senior managers present, Binghua was publicly criticised for a calculation mistake in his report. This mistake had been made by his subordinate. “In the past, I would have taken revenge by pushing the blame for every subsequent work problem onto my subordinate.

“After practicing Dafa I look inwards for my own shortcomings, no matter how unfavorable the incident was to me. I stood in the other person’s shoes and acknowledged his hard work. When my subordinate heard about this incident and approached me, I calmly explained the situation and told him I was willing to work with him to avoid this error from occurring again.”

On another occasion, Binghua went to retrieve his car after work, and found his car door so dented he could not open it. He spent a large sum to repair his car. When the perpetrator was subsequently identified after the parking lot administrator combed through the CCTV images, Binghua thought of Master’s teachings regarding the karmic relationship between people, and the cycle of suffering to repay karma from past lives. He decided not to pursue the issue any further.

“I studied law, so suing him would be effortless. But I also knew the damage was committed by accident without malicious intent. This incident was a major test of my character, because I had to view this loss lightly and maintain the standards required of a [Falun Dafa] cultivator.”

Binghua admitted he used to resent his mother for abandoning him as a child. After practicing Dafa, he realised everyone has his or her own destiny and every event in life happens for a reason. “After obtaining the Fa, I let go of my grudges and started having meals with my mother whenever I have time. Besides caring for my mother, I also put more effort into caring for my wife and child.

“My poor immune system and severe allergic rhinitis meant I fell severely ill during extreme weather changes or when I encountered toxins in my environment. For years, I suffered from illness, exhaustion, and insomnia. Falun Dafa improved my physical health and even gave me a more youthful appearance. My colleagues and friends have all commented on the disparity between my actual age and my youthful complexion.”

Liu Binghua with his wife and child at a Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference

Binghua spends time after work each day calling mainland Chinese residents to clarify the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong in China. “During the epidemic, I called a mainland Chinese gentleman. I first asked him about the situation there, before telling him about the CCP’s brutal nature and the truth behind the persecution of Falun Gong. Finally, I expressed my hope that he would withdraw from the CCP. Despite my entreaties, he remained silent. Finally, I told him that my motive for making this call was for his own good. I said that Chinese culture acknowledges the intervention of fate, and from hundreds of millions of people I had selected and called his number despite having no previous knowledge or relationship with him at all. “I want nothing from you,” I said. “In fact, we may never talk again after ending this call, so please believe me and save your life, okay?” I actually cried at this point. Perhaps my sincerity moved him, as he finally replied, “I agree to quit, thank you.”



In the past, Binghua attempted to gain both fame and fortune, but suffered such a setback that he’d even contemplated suicide. However, Falun Dafa changed his outlook on life and restored his health. Binghua has happily proclaimed to friends and relatives, “I owe Falun Dafa this second chance in life. If not for Dafa, I would have met a terrible end. Words cannot express my gratitude to Master.

“There is a saying in the literary classic Journey to the West: ‘It is hard to obtain a human body, hard to be born in China, and hard to find a genuine Dharma [Way].’ In the past, people had to go through a lot of hardships to obtain a righteous cultivation way. Yet information about Falun Gong is now available through many different avenues. I hope everyone can read about it, because Falun Gong can change your life and bring you unexpected blessings.”