(Minghui.org) The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, the Epoch Times editorial series, was published 19 year ago and helped millions of Chinese people recognise the true nature of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). To date, over 420 million people have quit their memberships in the CCP and its affiliated organisations. The Nine Commentaries played a significant role in these withdrawals.


People Welcoming the CCP Head Leave When the Nine Commentaries is Read

When then-CCP head Hu Jintao visited Washington D.C. in 2006, Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong) practitioners were demanding that the CCP end the persecution and bring former CCP head Jiang Zemin to justice. The CCP Embassy hired overseas Chinese students and pro-China Chinese Americans to welcome Hu.

The Nine Commentaries had been published for over a year, and Falun Dafa practitioners used loudspeakers to broadcast it. At first, the crowd was very chaotic and kept cursing Falun Dafa. However, as they listened, they became quiet. The exposure of so many evil deeds done by the CCP embarrassed them, so they stopped cursing.

Ms. Huang, a Falun Dafa practitioner from Germany, said that some practitioners held a vigil outside the hotel where Hu stayed that night, which was near the White House. They practiced the exercises and sent forth righteous thoughts. There were less than twenty practitioners on site.

At dawn, a group of overseas Chinese came to welcome Hu. They hung the CCP flag on the iron railings and shouted slogans. Ms. Huang said, “Many people came, but there were only a few practitioners. The CCP supporters were about to take over the place.

“We couldn’t compete with them in terms of numbers, and I was very anxious. What should I do? I remembered that practitioners played a recording of the Nine Commentaries through loudspeakers the day before, so I took out the book Nine Commentaries and started reading it.” Ms. Huang said that when she first began reading, those people kept making noises in an attempt to stop her. “I ignored it and kept reading loudly. The more I read, the louder I became. My throat was not tired at all.”

The first chapter “Commentary on What the Communist Party Is” describes how the Communist Party uses violence and terror to seize and maintain power, uses lies as a lubricant for the violence, keeps changing its stance and principles, uses Communist Party ideology to replace and eliminate human nature, and is against nature and humanity. “I kept reading aloud, and as I read, someone whispered, ‘Aren’t you tired?’ They became quiet and heard how the CCP killed people and spread lies. They couldn’t take it anymore, and several people asked me to stop reading as they all knew it. I smiled and continued reading. They saw there was nothing they could do. So they took down the flags and banners and left.”

Ms. Huang said the incident left a deep impression on her, and she also learned how powerful the Nine Commentaries is, in exposing the true, evil nature of the CCP. “When they first came, there were a lot of people. There were only a few of us, maybe twelve Falun Gong practitioners. They left, but we stayed. This shows that the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party is powerful.”


The Nine Commentaries Awakens Stubborn Brother

Karen immigrated to Scotland from Shanghai 30 years ago. Her family had been persecuted by the CCP since she was a child. Her grandfather lent money to friends when they struggled financially, but the CCP labeled him a historical counterrevolutionary, and he was sent to a forced labor camp. Her father had been a monk. After the CCP usurped power, they destroyed temples and forced monks to return to secular life. Karen said the CCP did many bad things.

When the Nine Commentaries was published in 2004, Karen was so excited that she couldn’t sleep. The Nine Commentaries was initially published as an editorial series in the Epoch Times, and she couldn’t wait to go to Chinatown to pick up the newspaper every week. She kept wondering, “Who wrote this? It’s written so well and describes the CCP so clearly.”

Karen wanted to send the newspaper to her family in Shanghai, but the newspaper was too conspicuous. She worried that if the CCP discovered it, her family would be implicated. So she waited for an opportunity.

After the movement to withdraw from the CCP began, Karen called Shanghai to persuade her family to quit their memberships in the CCP organisations. Only her brother refused to quit. Her brother scolded her on the phone, saying that he would give the CCP a chance, and the CCP would change.

Karen also helped produce CDs of the Nine Commentaries and gave them to friends and Chinese tourists. Around Christmas 2012, she inserted a CD into a Christmas card and mailed it to her brother. After watching the CD, he was stunned. He understood what the CCP was, and finally agreed to quit. Karen said that when her brother quit the Party, she was so excited that she almost wept.

Karen said that her husband was from Hong Kong, and they have many different opinions. In the past, she always thought it was due to the differences people have when they come from different regions. The Nine Commentaries made her realise that it was caused by the Party culture instilled in Chinese people by the CCP. If people view issues based on Party culture, it leads to disagreements with people in the free world. After she understood this, she worked hard to identify and eliminate the Party culture in herself.


“I am Patriotic but do not Like the CCP”

During an event held by Falun Dafa practitioners in Ireland, Mr. Zheng from Jiangsu Province, China told practitioners that he participated in the White Paper Movement in China. Through the movement, he clearly realised that it was impossible for the people of China to have freedom and democracy in a communist country, so he decided to immigrate. He is a graduate student at a major university in Ireland.

“Just like Falun Gong practitioners, I am patriotic, but we do not love the Communist Party,” Mr. Zheng said. He pointed out that this was different from the patriotism of people who uphold the CCP. He said Chinese people should reflect on the Cultural Revolution and the 1989 Democratic Movement. He said that China’s current groundwater pollution cannot be treated in a few generations.

“I thought that my generation would not see the fall of the CCP, but I see that Falun Gong practitioners are working hard. I believe that we will witness the fall of the CCP in the near future,” Mr. Zheng said. He said he learned about Falun Gong when he was in China and knew the CCP staged the Tiananmen self-immolation incident to frame Falun Gong. “Who could have captured such a clear video of the self-immolation on Tiananmen Square?”

A practitioner told him that more than 400 million people in China had already quit the CCP and asked him if he was a Party member. Zheng said, “If I were a Party member, it would be a great insult to me. In China, ‘Party Member’ is a derogatory term. I only joined the Communist Youth League in middle school.” The practitioner advised him to quit the Youth League for a safe future. He agreed.


Chinese Students Quit the CCP

During an event held by Falun Dafa practitioners in Ireland, Yang and his classmate from Sichuan Province, China took a booklet and carefully read it. A practitioner pointed to a picture and said, “The CCP kills many people, including students in 1989.” Yang’s classmate asked, “Did the Communist Party really shoot people in June 1989?” Mr. Yang immediately said, “My roommate’s father escaped from Tiananmen Square. He saw the CCP army shoot and kill students. The bullets exploded when they hit anyone. Such weapons were used to deal with students.”

The practitioner told them, “The CCP is a specter. Don’t be a part of it. Distance yourself from it.” The two students agreed to quit the CCP organisations they joined.

Wang from Shenzhen, China and his classmate watched practitioners demonstrate the exercises. Wang said, “I used to browse the websites outside of China with software created by Falun Dafa practitioners to avoid the CCP censorship. I know about Falun Dafa and I thank practitioners.” When a practitioner offered to help them quit the CCP organizations they immediately agreed.