(Minghui.org) As a government agency administrator with a stable salary, Zhuang Maoqin has a happy family. However since childhood, he always felt anxious. As he got older, the feeling became stronger. He tried many different approaches, but just could not relax.


A Sense of Security He Never Felt Before

Zhuang attended a Nine-day Falun Dafa Class in 2010. After he began practicing Falun Dafa, he relaxed and stopped feeling anxious. “The first day I watched Master Li’s video (the founder of Falun Dafa) and heard Master’s voice, I immediately felt a warm current pass through my entire body—I felt very comfortable,” he said. “I immediately felt at ease, and a sense of security that I never felt before. I feel comfortable and secure every time I hear Master teach the Fa. Every time I do the exercises, my body is filled with positive energy and my mind is peaceful. It’s a wonderful feeling.”

What caused him to feel insecure for years? How did he connect to Falun Dafa, become a practitioner, and gain peace of mind?

Zhuang Maoqin was the youngest of eight siblings of a rural family in Puli Town, Nantou County. His parents worked hard and with the older children’s help, the family had enough to eat.

Maoqin always had good grades in school so his parents and brothers and sisters agreed to financially support him. He rented an apartment in the city and pursued a technology degree. Five years later, he obtained an associate degree and was accepted into the National Taiwan College of Technology in Taipei, which was renamed National Taiwan University of Technology in 1997.

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree, he passed a junior civil servant exam and later the senior civil servant examination. He was assigned to an engineering unit of a municipality in northern Taiwan. He worked hard to serve the public and was promoted to department chief.

Zhuang Maoqin


Walking on Thin Ice

Maoqin’s work unit is responsible for supervising the quality and progress of urban public construction. The relationship with suppliers, contractors, and construction personnel are complex and can easily lead to corruption and fraud. His job was like walking on thin ice and he declined invitations to dinners or lunches from contractors and even old colleagues.

His supervisor said that he couldn’t sleep when it rained because he worried about the projects. Maoqin sighed and said he couldn’t sleep well because he was worried about so many things, from the weather, project timelines, to endless demands associated with the projects. He wanted a less stressful position, so he applied for a job as deputy director at the central government level.


Family Worries

In addition to stress from work, Maoqin also worried about his parents and siblings’ families. He often thought about how to deal with family issues, and worried about his parents’ and siblings’ health—his mother and oldest brother both have “three hypers” (hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and hyperglycemia). His father had a stroke and passed away, which was a huge blow to Maoqin.

His own health was also going downhill. He was prone to colds and flu and he always took a long time to recover. He also was diagnosed with the three hypers before he was fifty years old. Once, when he took the stairs from the third floor to the fifth floor to see his boss, his appearance frightened the secretary who was about to call an ambulance as he was about to faint. A doctor prescribed “heart-saving” medicine for him. He knew that taking too many medicines over the years would harm his health, so he tried Tai Chi and swam all year round, but this did not help.


Calm and Relaxed After Practicing Falun Dafa

Maoqin saw a flier about Falun Dafa in his office in 2010 which mentioned that it can help one keep fit. He went online to find the nearest Falun Dafa practice site and he attended the nine-day class. When he heard Master Li Hongzhi teaching the Fa in the video, he felt a warm current flowing through his body. He immediately felt a sense of security that he never felt before, and decided to begin practicing.

Zhuang Maoqin meditates.

He caught a few colds at the beginning of his practice and recovered quickly. Afterward, he no longer had any trouble with colds. His brother-in-law asked him out of curiosity when he was about three months into the practice: “What are the benefits of your practice?” Maoqin replied: “I only knew what sleeping is after practicing.”

Regardless of whether it’s cold or hot, windy or rainy, he goes to the practice site in a nearby park punctually at 4:20 every morning to do the Falun Gong exercises. He is immersed in the joy of studying the Fa and doing the exercises. There is no need to see a doctor anymore and no need to take any medicine.

He received a notice of acceptance to the deputy director position of a central government agency and changed his work environment as he wished.

Thirteen years ago when he was in his prime, walking up the stairs was difficult. After practicing Falun Dafa, he is ailment free. Now he’s in his 60s, and he can walk several kilometers in parades and participate in activities to promote Falun Dafa and clarify the truth about the persecution. He also participated in a telephone project to make phone calls and send text messages to people in mainland China to persuade them to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Zhuang Maoqin reads Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Dafa.


Practitioners’ Kindness 

His mother passed away last year and Maoqin inherited some of the family land and houses. Since his oldest brother took care the mother for decades, Maoqin decided to give the land he inherited to him. He kept one house with a triple courtyard. He later decided to sell the house to an investor who planned to build a new house.

The day they closed the sale, Maoqin noticed an issue. Many houses were damaged during the major earthquake that occurred in central Taiwan on September 21, 1999. The neighboring house belonged to his cousin, who’d rebuilt it after the earthquake, but a corner of the roof extended onto Maoqin’s property.

He said, “As a cultivator, I should be honest. If I know about an issue, I can’t hide it. Moreover, my cousin is old. Some elderly people have taboos about missing corners in roofs. I couldn’t leave a potential problem for my cousin and the investor.”

Maoqin told the buyer about the issue, and requested adding an addendum to the contract to keep the cousin’s roof corner. The investor didn’t accept it. Maoqin offered to reduce the price to exclude the land where the roof crossed over. The buyer rejected the deal again. Then Maoqin said he could pay a penalty of 880,000 yuan to cancel the contract. The buyer didn’t want to lose the deal as he saw a lot of potential in the investment.

In order to assess the seriousness of the roof extention over the property, the buyer hired a surveyor to remeasure the property. The result showed that the eaves crossed the boundary by less than 0.3 square meters, and the impact was slight. Both agents for the seller and buyer believed there should be alternative solutions to solve this problem.

The buyer recognised Maoqin’s kindness and accepted a price reduction of 230,000 yuan to add to the contract a clause that the buyer agrees not to demolish his cousin’s eaves where they went over the property line, and when remodeling or reselling the property in the future. He would also abide by the contents of this ammended document as a condition of the sale. The agent and his cousin served as witnesses to the signing of the document.

When Falun Dafa practitioners encounter problems, they face them honestly, let things take their own course regardless of gains and losses, and put others before themselves. Maoqin said, “I feel refreshed and happy. It is my greatest honor to be a Falun Dafa practitioner.”