Dallas, Texas: People Encourage Practitioners’ Ongoing Efforts to Expose the CCP’s Crimes

Falun Gong practitioners in Dallas, Texas have been exposing the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s crimes by holding large banners at busy street intersections since September 2020. Many local residents were touched by their messages and expressed their admiration for practitioners’ efforts. Some even offered to help hold the banners.

The Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex comprises dozens of small cities. Since the beginning of February 2021, practitioners have displayed their banners at street crossings and shopping centers in Dallas, Plano, Frisco, and McKinney. Their banners read, “Help Stop CCP’s Persecution of Falun Gong,” “Help Stop CCP’s Forced Organ Harvesting,” “Reject Chinese Communist Party to Stay Safe from Coronavirus,” “Falun Dafa Is Good,” etc. Many passersby honked their horns in support.

Ms. Hu, who organised the activities, said, “In the past few months, many people received our flyers and plan to sign the online petition calling to end the CCP. Some people want to make a donation. Others offered to help us hold the banners. Our activities have received wide attention. Congressman Taylor and State Representative Shaheen have expressed their support to end the CCP’s persecution of Falun Gong.”

A man told practitioner Ms. Zhang that he often visited China on business trips and thus knew a lot about the CCP’s behavior. He said, “China is lawless under the CCP’s dictatorship, and American people should treasure and safeguard our freedom instead of taking it for granted.” He agreed with Falun Gong practitioners’ articles in newspapers that exposed the CCP’s crimes. “They hit the nail on the head,” he said.


Practitioners in Dallas spread their messages with banners.


Some people thanked practitioners for exposing the CCP’s crimes and suggested other locations. One woman said she wanted to help hold the banners, hoping more people would learn the nature of the CCP. She took several flyers to share with her family and friends.

Practitioners also visited businesses in several areas where they held banners. Many shop owners agreed to put the flyers out for their customers. Others said they would sign the petition.

A young woman said she was touched by practitioners’ efforts to spread much-needed information, because she was worried about the infiltration of communism in the U.S. She thanked practitioners for helping to reverse this trend. She was so touched that tears came to her eyes as she spoke.

Jacob, a Democratic candidate who ran for the state senate, approached practitioners to ask for more information. He said he had heard a lot about the CCP’s crimes and knew about its infiltration into the U.S. He was happy to see practitioners publicly exposing it and supported their efforts to call for an end to the persecution and for people to reject communism.

April asked practitioners for a flyer. She said she worked in an international school and many of her students were from wealthy families in China. She was saddened by the ideology these children had been instilled with in China. She said the CCP destroyed China’s traditional culture and morality and thanked practitioners for telling her about Falun Gong.