A Trip to Heaven In My Dream

My wife and I started our cultivation in Falun Dafa in March 2015. We have experienced many miracles even though we haven’t cultivated for very long.

My wife and I are both in our 60s. She had suffered serious rheumatoid arthritis and throat inflammation for many years. Her finger joints and ankles were terribly swollen, and she couldn’t lift her arms because she had “frozen shoulder.” I had multiple injuries on my legs, knees, ankles and arms. Chronic headaches tortured me so badly I couldn’t read anything for more than five minutes.

We heard about the benefits of Falun Dafa from several different practitioners and started practicing Falun Dafa following their recommendations. We have been blessed ever since. My wife’s joints returned to normal and her other problems disappeared. My headaches stopped and I could read for a couple of hours with no problem. We can now go on long trips and even go hiking easily. The improvement in our health has validated the healing power of Falun Dafa! We have strong faith in Master and Dafa.

I had an unforgettable dream on October 28, 2016, in which I boarded the Fa boat and went to heaven. I would like share my dream with fellow practitioners.

In my dream, my wife and I seemed to have just left a train, but surprisingly found ourselves and countless fellow practitioners in a huge Fa boat. The copper-colored boat had a classic design and looked marvelous and beautiful! The bow and stern curled up high. Its flags flew in the breeze.

The middle of the boat had several floors of cabins and many people dressed in colorful clothes stood inside and outside them. Every smile looked familiar and benevolent. Every face radiated with joy and hope. People cheered but didn’t shout. It was a warm and peaceful atmosphere. The boat was about to depart under a beautiful clear sky.

My wife and I stood at the lower side of the boat facing the shore with our hands upon the elegant rails. Looking up to the cabins, we saw thousands and thousands of fellow practitioners. Looking down, we saw waves and pebbles through the clear water.

Just an arm’s length from us on the shore, crowds of people were bustling around in thick smog. None of them had a moment to look at us. We were surprised to see all the people, men and women, young and old, had dull-looking faces and lifeless eyes. Their movements were stiff. They behaved as they wished without a word to each other. We looked at them with an enthusiastic wish, but they completely ignored us.

Though we were so close to them, it was like two completely different worlds. I suddenly felt sad. Tears came to my eyes. It was a feeling I will never forget, a feeling of guilt.

A man dressed in a blue shirt and white pants shouted from the upper cabins, “Those who have boarded please take care of each other, and don’t let any fellow practitioner be left behind. We are about to depart!” Yes, we all knew clearly that we couldn’t miss this opportunity, as we had been waiting for it for thousands of years.

In a blink of an eye, we were in a divine world. Our bodies were light. A heavenly gate stood among the heavenly clouds. Every mountain looked like a Buddha. Every Buddha was as tall as a mountain. Along the roads were golden magnificent buildings with pillars decorated with jade. Pagodas, flying corridors, and pavilions were all in rosy clouds. The breeze was gentle. Incense burners, roads, trees, tiles, walls were all a shining golden color. No human words could describe the sacred beauty.

We walked forward devoutly, paying our respect at every temple we passed. Some temples had unique designs. One had a spiral-shaped wall around it. After circling around the wall, we saw statues of Buddhas either carved on the wall or in a recess. Every temple had Fa-guardian monks.

I entered a temple where a ceremony was going on. A sacred platform taller than a person was set up in the middle. Three Buddha statues with lotus seats were on the platform. Though I couldn’t get close, I knew the one in the middle was the statue of Master! My wish finally came true. I stood up and put my palms together in a heshi gesture in front of Master’s statue, disregarding the crowds of people around me.

I heard some loud wailing. A tall, strong-looking man with a big square face and big eyes had tears streaming down his face as he worshiped the Buddha statues. His clothes and hair looked like those of a terracotta soldier. After each kowtow, he knocked his head against the walls at his sides. He repeatedly kowtowed, wailed, and stood up. I could understand him. He had made a great wish to form a tie with Buddhas and had suffered tremendous hardship life after life, year after year, and finally stepped on this sacred land, finding his eternal home.

His penetrating wails shook my heart and I thought, “Why hadn’t I been awakened to the Buddha Law earlier! Time is limited. Hurry up and let go of all attachments, remember what we promised, make progress diligently, and achieve righteous fruition!”

I calmed down and continued to walk up the hill. I saw a large ceremonial platform at the highest place. On the two sides of the platform were tall temples. Facing the platform were the Thousand Buddha Caves. On top of the three-floor ceremonial platform were three golden Buddhas, Master sitting on the lotus seat in the middle and two Bodhisattvas on the side. It was the majestic presence of Master’s true body! Magic clouds lingered around him. The music arose. Buddha’s grace illuminated all.

Countless practitioners continued to come to pay respect to Master. My wife arrived ahead of me. She stood still with her eyes closed and her hands pressed in front of her chest in heshi. I knelt down next to her, filled with gratitude to Master, but unable to utter a word. We were thrilled to see Master finally! We were with Master in person!

The alarm clock rang. It was 3:50 a.m., time for Falun Dafa practitioners around the world to send forth righteous thoughts. My wife was already prepared. I hurriedly got up and rearranged my clothes. My mind lingered on what I had seen in my dream, the departing Fa boat, the golden road, the golden tiles…the golden land of the Buddhas. Isn’t it a golden heaven?

Master’s poem came to my mind,

“Secular and sacred, one creek apart

Forward or back: two different realms

Enter the temple in the woods

One step and you’ve reached heaven”

(“One Thought” from Hong Yin III)