Harbin, Heilongjiang Province: 1 Dies, 10 Sentenced, 59 Facing Prosecution in First Half of 2016 For Resisting Persecution of Falun Gong

According to data compiled by the Minghui website, 116 residents in Harbin City were unjustly punished in the first half of 2016 for persisting in their efforts to expose the persecution of Falun Gong.

These practitioners were arrested at various times in 2016 and years prior. In all, one has died, 10 have been sentenced to prison, and 59 are still facing prosecution.

Seventeen (17) out of the 116 practitioners were arrested in 2015. One of them has already died of the brutal torture he suffered during detention, and seven have been sentenced to prison. The rest of the practitioners (9) are facing prosecution.

In addition, 97 practitioners were newly arrested in 2016, with 66 seized on May 6 alone. Two of them have been given prison sentences, while 49 other practitioners are facing prosecution for their faith. Forty-four practitioners have been released home, but two practitioners’ whereabouts remain unknown.

The remaining two (out of the 116) practitioners’ exact arrest dates are unclear. It is confirmed though one of them has been sentenced and the other is facing prosecution.

The majority of the practitioners were taken into custody simply because they had been monitored by police for their faith.

A sizable number of practitioners were arrested after being reported to or caught by police for telling people or distributing information about Falun Gong.

In addition, six people were targeted because they filed criminal complaints against former Chinese Communist Party head Jiang Zemin for initiating the persecution.

Below is a detailed breakdown of the 116 targeted practitioners by the status of their persecution.

1 Death

Mr. Yu Lianhe, a Yilan County resident, was arrested on September 1, 2015 for filing a criminal complaint against Jiang Zemin. He was detained for 15 days and suffered severe physical torture during detention.

He passed away on February 5, four months after his release.

10 Sentenced

The following ten practitioners were sentenced with prison terms:

Ms. Zuo Xianfeng, five years
Mr. Sun Kaiqing, four years
Mr. Cao Qicai, four years
Ms. Li Guilan, three and half years
Ms. Liu Sijia, three years
Ms. Shi Yinxue (Shi Xiaoxue), three years
Mr. Li Runhua, three years
Ms. Zhang Lili, three years
Ms. Wang Yufen, three years with four years suspension
Ms. Wu Lirong, two years with one year suspension.

3 Tried and Awaiting Verdict

Wang Zhongyi, Pei Tingjiu, and Wang Yongjiu were already tried. They are currently awaiting their verdicts.

1 Indicted and Facing Trial

Ms. Liu Wenru has been indicted by Daoli District Procuratorate. Her case is now sitting with Dali District Court.

19 Facing Indictment

A total of 19 practitioners have been formally arrested and are facing possible indictment. They include: Zhang Xueyan, Dong Xiaoli, Liu Hao, Li Shuyun, Cui Fenglan, Han Wei, Wang Hongbin, Sun Tongqing, Yu Xiaoqing, Gao Yulan, Zhang Jun, Liu Yanyi, Yang Yonglan, Wan Yunlong, Zhao Haijun, Liu Shuxiang, Fan Shuying, Chen Chunling, Huang Xinxin.

1 Cleared by Procuratorate but Remains Detained

Mr. Qu Shurong was arrested on November 8, 2015 while visiting his relatives in Qiqihar. During the past six months, the procuratorate has returned his case to the police three times, citing insufficient evidence. Chief Ju Xingming, however, refused to release him.

35 Facing Formal Arrest

The authorities are still working to approve the arrest of the following 35 practitioners:

A practitioner surnamed Che, Yang Xiliang, Qiu Juanzhong, Jiang Weimin, Sun Fenghua, Dong Wenling, Wang Dechen, Li Xiukuan, Wang Fengxia, Sun Huishan, Chen Xiuzhi, Ma Guorong, Wang Yang, Yang Yonglan, Yu Xishan, Xu Libo, Sui Shulin, Shi Liwei, Li Fenghua, Wang Xiuzhen, Yue Yonghua, Wu Xiaoping, Gong Zun, Gao Xunhong, Sun Zhaowei, Ben Xingya, Xu Wenshi, Zhang Zhenjun, Guo Jingfang, Zhao Shuxiang, Sun Tongqing, Zhu Qiangong, Liu Qingfu, Gao Yulin, and Liu Shuhua.

44 Known to Have Been Released

Yan Jiguo, Fu Li, Fu Wenpei, Hou Liyan, Hou Xiaolan, Guan Chaojun, Liu Hanchao, Liu Shulan, Lu Yan, Zhou Yanhua, Tang Lijun, Sun Fengxia, Sun Haixian, Yin Chengfang, Cui Guizhi and her husband, Zhang Yawen, Zhang Huiyun, Zhang Jinbao, Zhang Xia, Xu Jianxin, Xu Hongbin, Cao Zhongqin, a practitioner surnamed Li, Li Changxin, Yang Songlin, Yang Fei, Liu Shujuan, Yin Cuijuan, Wen Guizhi, Wang Shuxian, Bai Jinglan, Dong Wencheng, Jiang Ximing, Xue Changlong, Yuan Qin, Zhao Dezhi, Long Wanhong, Chen Lihua, Han Jing, Han Yumei, Yan Jingen, and Huang Qin.

2 With Unknown Status

The status of Guo Xiaoyun and a woman surnamed Chen remains unknown at the time of writing.

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