Guards in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp Continue with Their Crimes

June 03, 2016 |  After the Chinese communist regime dismantled its forced labor system, the former Masanjia Forced Labor Camp was turned into a ward under the auspice of the Liaoning Province Women’s Prison. However, the same guards who had persecuted Falun Gong practitioners under the forced labor camp system were retained and are continuing their persecutory activities.

Zhang Huan, head guard of Ward I, tried to force practitioner Chen Yufeng to sign an admission of crimes statement. Ms. Chen refused. Zhang told guard Wang Ling to squeeze Ms. Chen’s head while he forced a pen through the skin of her finger causing it to bleed. Zhang laughed hysterically.

Ms. Yang Lihua, 60 years old, from Fushun City, refused to write a report of reflection. Guard Zhang Lei and others took her upstairs and forced her to crouch. They beat her mercilessly, injuring her hand and face and causing her to faint several times. She fainted on her way to the restroom and became bowel and urine incontinent.

Ms. Zhou Yuzhen, 50 years old, became emaciated while incarcerated. Zhang Lei forced her to perform forced labor. He abused her verbally and physically, until she was unable to walk. Zhang ordered the inmates to carry her to the prison workshop to perform forced labor. The prison guards in the workshop beat her frequently.

Ms. Li Huiling shouted “Falun Dafa is good” in the workshop. The prison guard beat her and dragged her by her hair. During the coldest winter time, he locked her in an unheated solitary confinement cell.

Two practitioners shouted “Falun Dafa is good” during a meeting in Ward II in the fall of 2014. The prison guards beat them and locked them in solitary confinement.

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