Time Waits for No One

In most cases when people become aware of mistakes that they have made, they might look for opportunities to undo them and make it right.

For a cultivator, things might not be as simple as that. Since cultivation is a process that continually pushes forward, the opportunities to undo something that was not right might be limited. It’s all the more reason for a cultivator to pay attention to his or her thoughts and deeds and do everything well.

“With the things that Dafa disciples are supposed to do, there exists a process that progresses forward. When this time period has passed, it’s over. If then, in hindsight, you find that you didn’t do certain things well, there will be no opportunity to make it up.” (“20th Anniversary Fa Teaching” in Teaching the Fa at the Conference XI)

“However, if there are a lot of things you haven’t done well, then you really will be left with a great deal of regret. For example, the speech just delivered talked about Shen Yun. Let me put things a bit more clearly. Shen Yun is meant to save sentient beings. While you all know that, has it occurred to you: Master is giving you an opportunity to work together and for those who haven’t stepped forward to step forward.” (“20th Anniversary Fa Teaching” in Teaching the Fa at the Conference XI)

Minghui Editorial Board Instructions

The Minghui Editorial Board’s notice in regard to distributing Shen Yun DVDs was very specific. Distribution of the DVDs was limited to mainland China only, and all rights were reserved by Mr. Li Hongzhi and Falun Dafa in accordance with existing law.

At this historic juncture, and only to save people in mainland China, a window was opened. But if practitioners take Shen Yun DVDs to countries outside of China, it is a serious violation of Master’s directive as published on the Minghui website.

A cultivator should know better and abide by the code and conduct of a cultivator. In today’s China, with the decline in morality, pirated products are everywhere, and nobody cares about copyrights. But how can a cultivator be influenced and interfered with by the trends in today’s world?

Warning Heeded

When I read the Minghui notice on February 23, 2016, “Notice to Stop Distributing All Mainland China only Editions of Shen Yun DVDs,” my human mind and heart were affected.

My first thought was to not destroy the DVD immediately, as the notice advised. I wanted to watch it one more time. Then I noticed that the DVD label crumbled and fell off. This had never happened before.

What a warning! How could I still do things just because I wanted to? I really had to cherish the opportunity Master gave me and do it well. I have to stop searching for excuses for my attachments.

Cherishing Every Moment

That night I had a vivid dream, which reminded me once again that chances and opportunities are limited and that I have no choice but to do well.

The gist of the dream was that cultivation is like a race. If a cultivator is not diligent, he or she will lag behind and have very little chance to catch up with practitioners who are. Time waits for no one, so we really need to hurry up and do well in our cultivation.

In my dream, I saw one competitor on his last lap. He did not stop or slow down and continued to do his best.

Then I looked at myself. I had a huge bag on my back and sandbags tied to my legs and was walking at a leisurely pace.

When I heard that this was a race and that there was only one more lap left, I kicked off the sandbags, got rid of the bag, and began running like crazy. I saw someone in the middle, caught up with him, and thought about resting a little. Then I remembered that this was his last lap, too.

Then I realized that, even if I tried my very best, it would be impossible to catch up with those ahead of me, because the race was almost over.

Time waits for no one! The opportunities really are limited, so let us cherish each and every day that Master has extended for us to improve. We all must do it well.

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