The Story of a 12 Year old Girl who Inspired a Whole Village

I am a Falun Dafa practitioner who lived a lot since the beginning of its cultivation. The inspiring story of a 12 year old girl called Bo, stands out among the countless moving stories on my cultivation path.

This young Dafa practitioner displayed a strong faith, a belief well beyond her young years. This clearly shows the power of Dafa, which gave her a maturity and determination not often seen in such a young practitioner.

Bo grew up in a mountainous region where many practitioners are scattered in nearby villages. For the most part they have limited literacy, but they are no less eager to participate in the historical process of continuing to bringing to justice Jiang Zemin, former Chinese dictator.

I am part of a group of some practitioners who travelled throughout the region since June. We help practitioners prepare their deposits complaints against Jiang Zemin.

A Strange Disease Healed

End of 1998, Bo was diagnosed a rare disease when she was 12 years old. She constantly coughed and was constantly catching his breath. Modern medical technology has not provided a reliable diagnosis, which prevented doctors from finding a cure.

It was quite odd that she had no symptoms of this rare disease when she was in hospital. However, from what came out, the disease reappeared immediately. Thus, Bo lost a lot of weight and was always sick.

Improving Health Through Dafa

Her Aunt, a Falun Dafa practitioner, told him: “Why do not you practice Falun Dafa, only Dafa can help you?”. She quickly learned the exercises with his Aunt and read Zhuan Falun , the main book of Dafa.

Her family saw her cough decrease. Soon his life has returned to normal and she became a girl of 12 years happy and healthy, with a ruddy complexion.

One day while his mother was cleaning the house, she found a lot of prescription drugs under his bed

“Mum, I’m cured. The Dafa Master purified my body,” she said. “I did not take any pill since I started reading Zhuan Falun. ”

Villagers Inspired by his Story Want to Learn Dafa

When the news spread, the villagers were surprised. Having witnessed the healing of the girl, 36 villagers, including the mother of Bo and his older sister, wanted to learn Falun Dafa.

As more and more people joined them, group practice sites have increased from one to two, then three. Entire families have started to cultivate Dafa. Soon, the morality of villagers high and neighbors lived in harmony.

“It is so unfortunate that the persecution began shortly after we witnessed the healing of the little girl,” said a villager. “The harmonious life of almost every family was affected.”

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and Jiang Zemin, the leader of the Party, have forbidden us from practising Falun Gong and live by its principles. Villagers now share the same opinion – Jiang should be brought to justice.

Bo was admitted to a prestigious university in 2007. Having talked about Dafa and the persecution to her roommates, the university authorities pressured her and told her: “Continue your studies or continue to practice Falun Dafa you can choose one or the other! ”

The girl replied in a soft voice: “I chose Dafa Without the Lord and without Dafa, I would not be alive today, let alone a good student.”.

Then, she told them her story. The management of the school was stunned and could not say anything after hearing the story of Bo. They allowed her to continue her university studies. She graduated with excellent grades and is now working in a big city.

A Strong Belief in Dafa

When the mother and sister of Bo talked to her on the phone about bringing Jiang to justice, she said without hesitation that it was. She jumped on the first train and travelled hundreds of kilometres to the village.

Looking at the innocent face of Bo who sported a radiant smile, I could hardly imagine the enormous pressure and difficulties she had endured. As she spoke of her experiences, tears streaming down her face. I could feel the gratitude she felt towards Dafa and Teacher, the strong belief she had in Dafa, and her happiness to be among fellow practitioners.

After you have finished filling his court papers against Jiang, she had to return to work. While I accompanied him to the station, she whispered in my ear: “! It’s so good to come home”

Looking at the train slowly away from the station, I do not have could not help but be moved by her sincere heart and deep happiness of a practitioner on her way back to his real home.