Tales from the Practice of Medicine: Can Cancer Be Cured?

Author: Song Chenguang

[PureInsight.org] Talking about cancer makes people scared, as if a tiger is
approaching. From ancient times until the present day, medicine has failed to
find any method that can cure cancer completely.

Modern medicine has found that cancer cells are different than normal cells.
They are stronger and live longer inside a human body than regular cells.

The way that Western medicine treats cancer is usually to kill the cancer cells
directly. However, the medicine or therapy used cannot distinguish cancerous
cells from normal ones. Therefore, during the course of the treatment, normal
cells are permanently damaged as well. No wonder some people say that the majority
of cancer patients are killed by the treatment.

Chinese traditional (herbal) medicine mainly focuses on strengthening the fundamental
condition of the body and helps maintain the essential elements of the body.
It maintains a harmonious state in the body and eliminates bad factors without
hurting the normal cells. It can also prolong a person’s life span. However,
it can’t cure the cancer completely.

Why do cancer cells have such strong vitality? Where do cancer cells originate?
Why do cancer cells exhibit such a destructive nature? They can destroy a perfectly
healthy human body in a short period of time and take away a precious life without

Medicine cannot see the true state of things if people’s current concepts
and notions are not changed. If one can look at the phenomena from the angle
of religion, where cause and effect are determined by goodness and evil, one
can see in general the root causes of cancer.

In the past, I heard a story in which a woman had liver cancer in its late
stage. The doctor’s diagnosis was that she would live no longer than two
or three weeks. She later found a Qigong master and kneeled down to beg him
to save her life. That Qigong master said, “If you want to live, you need
to die a couple of times.” As he spoke, he forced the woman to double cross
her legs (called the double “lotus position”) without concern about
whether she could tolerate the pain or not. Anyone who has never crossed their
legs like that before might not be able to endure the pain. In fact, that woman
passed out after a loud scream of agony. After that, this woman had to sit in
the double lotus position two to three hours every day and had to endure the
hardship of that pain. Just like this, her life was extended through the suffering
of that pain, and a few weeks, a few months, and over a year passed by. Her
life far exceeded the original 2-3 week diagnosis. Unfortunately, that woman
eventually gave up crossing her legs and enduring that pain. I don’t know
whether she could no longer tolerate the pain or if she understood the reason
for the pain. Thus, she decided to face her death. The Qigong master had taught
the woman how to extend her life, but he did not have the ability to endure
the karma for her himself.

In the Bible, it says, “The killer will be killed.” In Buddhism,
it says that one cannot cultivate to consummation in one lifetime. Both of these
statements talk about the relationship of cause and effect. In other words,
you can’t ignore your debts, even if you are a cultivator.

Since I cultivate Falun Dafa, I have started to understand that what has been
said in religion can be changed. This is so because our respected Master has
endured the additional hardships for those truly cultivating disciples. No one
knows how much Master has suffered for us.

Posting date: 27/July/2009
Original article date: 26/Dec/2008
Category: Practitioners Insight


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