Support Falun Gong Practitioners’ Lawsuits Against Genocide, Torture and Crimes Against Humanity

Over 50 lawsuits have been filed against Chinese Communist Party officials for
crimes of torture, genocide and crimes against humanity, with the assistance of
over 70 lawyers across 30 countries. Lawsuits against former Chinese communist
leader Jiang Zemin were filed in 15 countries.

There are currently three such lawsuits in Australia:

1. Jiang Zemin, Luo Gan and the 610 Office sued for torture and genocide:
Ms Zhang Cuiying, an Australian citizen, was unlawfully detained for 8 months
in a Chinese detention centre in 2000 for peacefully appealing to the Chinese
authorities. She was subjected to beatings, slave labour and was forced to sleep
on concrete floors. In September 2004, she filed a lawsuit in the Supreme Court
of NSW and is now in the process of seeking a default judgment.

2. Bo Xilai, former governor of Liaoning Province sued for torture:
Mr Pan Yu, an Australian citizen, was kidnapped in March 2000 in Liaoning Province
and subjected to brutal beatings for days in a row by police. He was shocked
with 40,000 volt batons on his head, his face and the most sensitive parts of
his body. When his heart rate was dangerously rapid and he could hardly breathe,
police continued to shock him and kick his head. In 2006 Pan Yu filed a lawsuit
and on November 5, 2007 the Supreme Court of NSW passed a default judgment in
favour of Mr Pan and allowed him to file for compensation.

3. Chen Shaoji, Chinese official from Guangdong sued for torture:
Australian citizen Ms Xie Yan was unlawfully sentenced to two years of forced
labour at Guangzhou Chatou Female Labour Camp, where she suffered torture such
as being hung from an iron window bar, tied in the crucifix position and force-fed.
Another Australian citizen, Ms Li Fuying, almost 80 years old, was twice unlawfully
detained and suffered persecution for her belief in China. Her daughter was
also unlawfully sentenced to two years of forced labour for her belief and suffered
cruel torture and forced brainwashing. Chen Shaoji failed to respond to the
court and Ms Xie and Ms Li are seeking a default judgment.

Posting date: 6/June/2008
Original article date: 1/June/2008
Category: Australian News


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