The Olympics Can’t Cover Up the CCP’s Genocide

Two recent pieces of news about the Olympic Games caught
my attention. One was a report from an official in the Public Security Bureau
revealing that the Ministry of the Public Security Bureau issued a confidential
bulletin entitled “Notice on Making Strict Investigations of Applicants for
the Olympic Games and Test Matches” to the public security bureaus at the provincial,
autonomous regions and municipalities's levels. The bulletin indicated
that the Chinese Communist Regime intends to make strict investigations on the
background of 43 types of people in 11 categories and forbid them from taking
part in the Olympic Games. (please see

The other report was about 6,000 farmers from Fujin City, Heilongjiang Province,
who previously lost their land and publicly signed an online statement which
stated that they “…don't want the Olympics but want human rights instead.”
The farmers said that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is extremely corrupt
and ordinary people are unable to make a living, so what use are the Olympic
Gold Medals?

CCP Politicizes the Olympic Games

On May 18, the Chinese Foreign Affairs Minister, Yang Jiehu, claimed, “A handful
of people are trying to politicize the Olympic Games.” In response to this,
the former Secretary of State (Asia-Pacific) for Canada David Kilgour said,
“The games have been politicized by the government of China. I think some of
you are aware of the bulletin that went out saying who would be allowed to go
to China to see the games, how they'd be treated, and who would not be
allowed. That bulletin is now a public document which is on a number of websites.
It is contrary to the Olympic spirit.”

Also regarding Yang Jiehu's comment, MP Wrzesnewskyj said, “Its an absolutely
ridiculous comment and even if we set aside the fact that tens of thousands
of people in countries around the world have taken interest, even if we set
aside the fact that Mr. Kilgour and Mr. Matas have traveled and met with parliamentarians,
politicians, leaders of organizations and of countries in over 20 countries–even
if we set aside those particular numbers, a handful of people? Oh my goodness,
how many thousands are imprisoned in China and how many thousands have lost
their lives due to this policy of organ harvesting of Falun Gong members?”

The CCP categorizes people into classes and types according to what they like
or don't like. Everybody, whether Chinese or Western, has to pass a polictical
background check in order to watch the Olympic Games. This way they can exclude
thousands upon thousands of people. In so doing, the CCP tarnishes the spirit
of the Olympic Game and shows that the CCP is very afraid of dissedents. To
put it clearly, the CCP is afraid that the fact that they trample human rights
will be exposed.

MP Borys Wrzesnewskyj said, “The organ harvesting will be an incredible dark
stain on the Chinese republic and it will be in the history books. They can't
cover this up. It will be written up. It would be much preferred that the history
books note that the government put a stop to this death industry as opposed
to allowing it to continue and to cover up.”

The Spirit of the Olympic Games Is to Respect the Dignity of Human Beings
While the CCP Tramples the Diginity of Human Beings

For the 2008 Olympic Games, the CCP on one hand advocates the spirit of the
Olympic Games, while at the same time comitts such evils as harvesting organs
from living Falun Gong practitioners. How could these ridiculous things be allowed
to happen in the history of human civilization?

The CCP Is Nervous about the Olympics while the People Are Concerned About
Human Rights

The reason the CCP is so nervous about the Olympic Games is that they want
to maintain the feeble existence of their evil field. But this evil field has
become so weak that it is just about to break. It can't even tolerate having
dissdents watch the Games. What are ordinary Chinese people concerned about?
Their basic human rights and living environment are not protected, so what else
is there to be concerned about?

Recently Tai Lake, the third largest freshwater lake in China, has been severely
polluted by growing and spreading green algae. Faucets are bringing foul and
smelly water into households and the water is undrinkable. Bottled mineral water
in supermarkets is quickly snapped up and the prices are soaring. The Wuxi area
is in a watercrisis. Many people have had to flee their hometowns.

In Fujin City, Heilongjiang Province, 6,000 farmers signed an online petition
using their real names, and demanded basic human rights, not the Olympic Games.
They have tried their best to reclaim the land they lost 11 years ago, but failed.
They have no other choice but to stand up and protest.

Recently a string of incidents occured in China. In Bobai City, Guangxi Province,
people went to the streets to protest the one-child policy on a large scale
and they burned government buildings. On Hualou Street in Wuhan City more than
300 people gathered to hold a public meeting about protecting their rights and
strongly condemned the violent demolision of their homes. There were several
other incidents of peasants ransacking corrupt local officials' homes and
detaining them. These are the new methods people use to protect their rights.

The CCP promised to improve human rights if they were granted the right to
hold the Olympic Games, but from the current situation we can see that human
rights in China have not improved at all, but rather they continue to deteriorate.
History will show that only the demise of the CCP can provide the Chinese people
a way out.

Posting date: 13/June/2007
Original article date: 13/June/2007
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