Wife of Chinese Embassy Diplomat Defects; Exposes CCP Plots

The wife of a diplomat stationed in the Chinese Embassy in Canada has defected,
bringing with her documents and testimony said to expose illicit activities organized
by the Chinese Embassy against Falun Gong practitioners, democracy activists and
other critics of the Chinese regime.

48-year-old Ms. Jiyan Zhang, the wife of a high-ranking accountant for the Chinese
Embassy in Ottawa, announced her defection at a rally on March 30th, saying
she defected because of her disgust with the actions of the Communist Party
and how they attack Falun Gong.

Zhang says a special unit within the Embassy is dedicated to spying on Falun
Gong practitioners in Canada and she personally witnessed Embassy officials
stockpiling materials to incite hatred against Falun Gong practitioners. She
also said the Chinese Ambassador Lu Shumin personally delivered materials defaming
Falun Gong to Canadian government officials

On April 5th Zhang produced a document on Embassy letterhead that detailed high
level officials plotting to stop the licensing of NTDTV TV in Canada, a station
that freely reports on the human rights abuses against Falun Gong and other
groups in China. In the document, Mr. Huikang Huang, the Deputy Chief of the
Chinese Embassy states, “it is still possible for us to knock down New
Tang Dynasty TV’s attempt to enter the cable television network. We should reinforce
the strength of our work.” Mr. Huang then suggests rallying Chinese-Canadians
and overseas Chinese students to write letters to stop the licensing of NTDTV.

Zhang says she began practicing Falun Gong shortly after the founder, Mr. Li
Hongzhi, gave a lecture at the Chinese Embassy in France in 1995. Her husband
was stationed at the French Embassy at the time. “I was deeply touched
at heart by Falun Dafa’s teaching and I later became a practitioner,”
she stated. “However, I was shocked to see how untrustworthy the communist
party was as they contradicted their earlier support and attacked the practice
in 1999 without reason.”

Zhang’s defection is the latest in a string of Chinese officials fleeing
China. On July 15, 2005 Yang Jianhua, a staff member from the Chinese Embassy
in Ottawa walked out of the Embassy with his wife and son. In 2005 Chen Yonglin,
the top secretary of the Chinese Consulate in Sydney Australia, defected and
exposed massive spy operations of the CCP overseas. In 2005 Mr. Guangsheng Han,
former Judiciary Bureau Chief in China defected to Canada and exposed the corruption
within the judicial system in China and the intricacies of the spy network in


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