Employee of French Company PCM Arrested in Beijing

Human rights violation jeopardizes business

PARIS – March 13th, 2007. He was supposed
to take part in a managers' meeting of the French company PCM on March
14th, in Angers, France but Ma Jian, manager in charge of the PCM Beijing office,
selling oil pumps, was arrested on February 28th in Beijing as he was working.

The witnesses present during the arrest say they saw six plainclothes
policemen arriving and asking for Ma Jian. After a heated discussion with the
employees, the policemen remained alone with Ma Jian in his office. Then he
disappeared and his whereabouts are still unknown. The secretary recounts that
after much violence, the officers took away Ma Jian and a Falun Gong book he
had. They ransacked the whole office and when they left there only remained his
shoes. The phone line had been torn from its socket.

Ma Jian's wife, now living in Montreal Canada, appealed to the French
Association of Falun Gong, the company PCM and any institution or person able to
help free him because his life is in great danger. “In the current context
of organ harvesting and widespread torture in China, practitioners of Falun Gong
die every day,” said the President of the Falun Gong Association, Alain
Tong. “We are very worried for Ma Jian's safety”.

As soon as they heard of the arrest, the PCM company took the necessary
measures with the French Embassy in China to free their employee, known to be an
honest, righteous, competent and very much appreciated by his superiors for his
human qualities as well as professional. His kidnapping has stopped all economic
activity at the Beijing PCM office.

The company was told that the Chinese police had thirty days to give an
answer but that they could take an additional three months. After contacting
their lawyers, the company was discouraged from taking any legal action, given
the absence of rights existing for the victims in this kind of case.

Source: http://clearharmony.net/articles/200703/38495.html

Posting date: 19/Mar/2007
Original article date: 18/Mar/2007
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