With Australian States (including SE Queensland) soon to host the “Chinese
New Year Spectacular” event showcasing traditional Chinese performances,
the Chinese Consulate in Sydney has been sending slanderous letters to Members
of Parliament in NSW to deter them from supporting and attending this auspicious
event and to fuel animosity against Falun Gong practitioners in Australia.

After receiving similar letters last year, Australia seems to remain virtually
silent against such unscrupulous and coercive actions upon our own soil by allowing
representatives of China’s authoritarian regime to curtail the rights of
our citizens.

Surely we, as a democratic nation, must not condone such scheming by the Chinese
Consulate, and with the lead up to the Olympic Games, China’s representatives
need to be firmly challenged on their country’s relentless and appalling
human rights track record.

Gerard Traub


Posting date: 9/Feb/2007
Original article date: 5/Feb/2007
Category: Open Forum


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