Foreign Affairs Department Is Concerned about Practitioner Ms. Zeng Aihua, Jailed in Shanghai

By a practitioner from Australia

In a letter to Australian citizen Chen Muhan, the Australian Foreign Affair
Department expressed their concern about Ms. Chen’s mother, Ms. Zeng Aihua,
a Falun Gong practitioner and resident of Hong Kong, who is illegally jailed
in Shanghai.

The letter states:

"The Australian Government remains concerned about your mother’s detention
and well-being, and has made inquiries with Chinese authorities about your mother’s
case through our Consulate-General in Shanghai. As you know, we also brought
up her situation as a case of concern during our annual Human Rights Dialog
with China in July. We will continue to make inquiries on your mother’s behalf
in the hope that our inquiries will assist in bringing about a positive outcome
for your family.

"We are particularly concerned that you and your family members have not
had contact with your mother since May. Accordingly, we have asked our Consulate-General
in Shanghai to make further inquiries on humanitarian grounds, about your mother’s
case, asking for information on her situation and that the relevant authorities
allow family members to visit her."

Posting date: 5/Jan/2007
Original article date: 4/Jan/2007
Category: Australian News


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