WorldNetDaily: China admits Organ Tourism

Beijing official acknowledges foreigners benefited from execution of prisoners

Following years of denial, China has acknowledged that foreigners who can pay
more than native Chinese have been given preference for organ transplants and
that “donors” for the operation have often been executed prisoners.

reported in 2004
charges by the banned Falun Gong group – backed up
by Chinese doctors and human rights experts – that the communist government
was torturing prisoners, executing them and trafficking in their body parts.

This week, at a summit for transplant doctors held in Guangzhou, the once-denied
practice was confirmed by government officials.

“Apart from a small portion of traffic victims, most of the organs from
cadavers are from executed prisoners,” said Vice Health Minister Huang
Jiefu, according to English-language China Daily newspaper. “The current
organ donation shortfall can’t meet demand.”

A ministry spokesman also said that “wealthier people, including foreign
patients” were able to move to the top of waiting lists ahead of others
waiting for organs.

Posted: November 18, 2006

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