Frankston Standard/Hastings Leader (Australia): FalunGong follower

FOR years, followers of Falun Gong in China have suffered persecution.

critics and journalists have alleged Chinese Communist authorities have suppressed
Falun Gong spiritual beliefs and meditation.

In 1999, the authorities openly
intensified a clampdown on practitioners and their cult image, beliefs, morals
and silent protests.

Increased suppression triggered claims of human rights
abuses against some of the Falun Gong practitioners, once estimated at up to 70

In Frankston, where perhaps a handful of people meditate the Falun
Gong way, people like Seaford resident, Patrick Murphy, can practise it in a park.

Even walk into a newspaper office, such as the Frankston Standard Leader,
and champion it!

Mr Murphy, 34, a Hastings forklift driver, believes the
meditation has benefited his life after reading about it in a book from Frankston
Library last year.

”While I’d long been conscious about health issues,
I had never contemplated meditation for myself, but this book (on Falun Gong)
changed my life,” he said. ”The book also had a lot to do with living the life
of a decent person truth, compassion and forbearance.

”Unsure that I was
doing the movements right, I checked the website
( and found
out where other like-minded people met and I could go and learn the correct movements.”

Mr Murphy reflected on a year free of illness or medication and of relaxation
and energy.

Mr Murphy said the style involves slow movements, sitting motionless,
clearing the mind and striving for tranquillity.

Posting date: 23/Sep/2006
article date: 18/Sep/2006
Category: Media Report


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