Epoch Times: Son Dies at Home,Father Imprisoned and Mother Dies From Persecution

By Li Chenxing
The Epoch Times

Su Wei, the son
of Mr. Su Anzhou and Ms. Geng Cuifang, both Falun Gong practitioners in China,
suffered from a serious illness. Because his father was in prison and his mother
persecuted to death, he lost financial support and had been living without any
care. On August 4, 2006, Su Wei died at home. Su Wei’s father is imprisoned at
Lanzhou Prison. His request to care for his ill son was rejected by prison officials.

According to a report by Clearwisdom.net on September 7, Su Wei was the
only son of Su Anzhou and Geng Cuifang. Su Anzhou was a retired worker from the
Department of Engineering at the Lanzhou Railroad Bureau. Geng Cuifang had been
operating a small business. Her business was running well and the family once
lived a very happy life. However, because Su Anzhou and Geng Cuifang practiced
Falun Gong, the whole family suffered severe persecution.
As a result of this
maltreatment, two family members lost their lives. At the end of 2000, both Su
Anzhou and Geng Cuifang went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. They were sent
back to Lanzhou where they were detained separately at Pingantai Labor Camp and
Lanzhou West Orchard Detention Center until October 2001. During this time, Su
Wei was left at home by himself. He had lost financial support and care from his

On the morning of June 13, 2002, right after Su Anzhou stepped
out of home, he was forcefully arrested by a group of policemen who had been hiding
to ambush him. The police knocked on the door for Geng Cuifang to open. For unknown
reasons, Geng Cuifang fell out of the 6th-floor window and died.
the policemen took the keys from Geng Cuifang’s body, opened the door and searched
the home. They confiscated two bank deposit books, cash, rings and other jewelry,
and then left Geng Cuifang’s body was left outside under the scorching sun.

September 14, 2002, the police again illegally arrested Su Anzhou.
of being involved in tapping into a TV station to broadcast factual videos on
Falun Gong, he was illegally sentenced to ten years in prison.
Since then,
Su Wei has been home alone. Because his financial support was cut off again, he
became malnourished and later contracted tuberculosis.

In June 2006, Su
Wei without care became more seriously ill. Relatives, neighbors and people in
the community donated money to help him. Meanwhile, they communicated with Lanzhou
Prison, hoping that Su Anzhou could return home to take care of his son who was
critically ill. Because Su Anzhou insisted on practicing Falun Gong, the prison
refused to release him. On July 27, Su Anzhou was allowed to visit his son under
the surveillance of a few policemen.

When Su Anzhou returned home, Su Wei’s
whole body was already swollen. He could hardly be recognized. He could no longer
walk because his two legs were too swollen and liquids were seeping out of them.
The home had a terrible smell. Looking at his dying son, Su Anzhou was speechless,
he just kept stroking his son’s head. Su Wei asked the policemen, "I beg
you, please release my dad." The police did not allow Su Anzhou to stay.
Soon after Su Wei died at home.

Clearwisdom.net urges more people to hear
the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China, to help
expose the crimes of the Chinese communist regime and to work together to bring
such tragedy to an end sooner.

Posting date: 11/Sep/2006
Original article
date: 10/Sep/2006
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