Sunday, Australia: Anger at corpses on show


FALUN Gong followers plan to protest outside a macabre
Perth exhibition of preserved human corpses that they claim may be those of political

Perth Fulan Gong spokesman Albert Lin said the organisation
was concerned that 18 "plasticised bodies" and hundreds of organs to
be displayed were those of executed political prisoners from China.

Lin said the Dalian Medical University, where the bodies were sourced, was near
forced-labour camps where practitioners of the outlawed Chinese spiritual philosophy
were thought to be held.

He said disproving that the bodies were willingly
donated was impossible, but he was deeply suspicious.

"We are very
aware of this exhibition and we are very concerned about it," Dr Lin said.

"It is not in tradition for Chinese people to donate our bodies for
medical purposes.

"We know the factory where the plastination is done
is close to forced-labour camps. We also know it is very easy for the Government
to forge documents.

"We will use the opportunity to let people know
some of the bodies may be Falun Gong practitioners."

The Amazing Human
Body opens at the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre on Saturday.

manager Wayne Castle said the exhibits were on loan from a reputable museum in
Gianjin, China.

"I have documents from the museum saying the bodies
were donated specifically for medical education," he said.

these guys have some proof or evidence to the contrary, I would be happy to consider

Perth man Paul Krumins, who has experience in plastination, which
replaces body fluids and tissue with resin, visited the exhibition in Sydney and
was surprised that almost all the bodies were of young men, showing no obvious
cause of death.

Mr Krumins will also protest.

"I think there
is a huge question mark over whether these bodies have been morally obtained,"
he said.

"I have yet to see a young person donate their body, so how
come we have all these Chinese youths who are willing to do it?",7034,19352500%255E2761,00.html

Posting date: 5/June/2006
Original article date: 4/June/2006
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