Courier Mail: UN investigates Falun Gong concentrationcamp claims

GENEVA: The United Nations is looking into allegations by the Falun Gong group
that thousands of its followers are being held at a Chinese ”concentration camp”
and some have been killed.

The spiritual movement, banned in China, has alleged
up to 6000 people at a time are being kept at a state-run camp in the Sujiatun
district of the northern city of Shenyang, where it said some had been killed
and their organs sold.

”The allegation is Falun Gong practitioners are
being used for the sale of organs and human tissues,” the UN’s Manfred Nowak
said yesterday.

Mr Nowak is the world body’s special rapporteur on torture
and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

to the allegation nobody has so far left this concentration camp,” he said.

am presently in the process of investigating, as far as I can, these allegations
. . . if I come to the conclusion that it is a serious and well-founded allegation,
then I will officially submit it to the attention of the Chinese Government.”

Posting date: 1/April/2006
Original article date: 1/April/2006
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