Month: August 2003

Sharing Letter from an Australian practitioner

I have been an Australian Falun Dafa Practitioner for over two years now and with every moment of my life, I can see how precious this Dafa is and how precious and great Master Li truly is.

A Western Practitioner Validates the Fa to Chinese People at a German Airport

I am a Western Dafa practitioner who has been clarifying the truth to Chinese people at our local airport in Germany. Here, many relatives, friends and business people wait for the Mainland Chinese passengers at the arrival gate, so I find it an opportune place to demonstrate exercises one through four. Of course, at the beginning, I did open my eyes a little to see if there were any reactions. As it turned out, nearly all the waiting Chinese people turned their heads in my direction, and a lot of them watched for a time.

My heart is singing

My name is Revati, I am almost 56 years old. My profession has been that of a trained nurse in both general nursing and midwifery. I would like to share with you how precious Falun Dafa is to me, and how much I apprecialte the opportunity Master Li Hongzhi has given me and indeed all of us!

A Dark and Stormy Night

About a year ago, I was driving home late one night with my girlfriend. The wind was as strong as I’d seen in quite a while, with dirt and grit being blown up against the windshield. As I drove along the main road I noticed all of the streetlights were out up ahead.