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Surprise in Wagga Wagga

Early last year, I was in Wagga Wagga for a weekend with a group of Falun Dafa practitioners. We went there to teach the exercises in a community workshop and participate in some local events – there was a big fete, considering the size of the town, and other activities organised.

Letter to the Bankstown Torch Regarding Family Rescue Case, Sister of Ms Yan Liang

As an Aussie born and bred I was brought up with the principles that our country was made from. Be truthful, work hard, be good to your mum and help those less fortunate.
Everyone should know what is happening in China to people who practice Truthfulness Compassion Tolerance. I believe that when enough good people voice their disapproval of these atrocities then the persecution will cease.

Tricks Used in the Brainwashing Centers

Falun Gong practitioners have undergone more than three years of brutal persecution and have become more mature with each passing day. The ridiculous lies and propaganda campaign emanating from the brainwashing classes are no longer able to deceive practitioners.

SCMP: Pressure seen for HK to rein in Falun Gong

The US State Department has voiced concern over what it perceives as
pressure on Hong Kong from the mainland to restrict Falun Gong criticism
Beijing’s policies on the banned spiritual group.

AP: More Asian Nations Adopt Quarantines

CNN satellite feed to an apartment compound
foreigners in Beijing went black during a report on the illness –
that has happened in the past when the news network reports about the
Falun Gong spiritual movement or other stories that make the communist
government uneasy.

SMH – A billion-sun blast (Photo)

Anyone watching the sky late on Saturday night could have witnessed one of nature’s most violent events since the Big Bang 13 billion years ago.