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India: Newspaper Reports That Young People Are Learning Falun Dafa

Many people feel that Falun Dafa’s five slow moving and gentle exercises help them to relax and relieve stress. Nowadays, people everywhere lead fast-paced lives and are looking for ways to relieve pressure from work, family or school. In India, more and more people are learning this traditional Chinese meditation practice. Bhaskar Hindi News, a…

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Mexico City: Falun Gong Brings Peace and Serenity to Government Employees

“Relaxed,”“Comfortable” and “Relieved” were the most common comments heard from staff members of the Mexican Social Security Administration after learning the Falun Gong exercises on February 23, 2018. The free teaching event was organised by Ms. Mónica Vázquez, a representative of the Social Security Administration, and was taught by Falun Gong practitioners from Mexico City. Over…

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