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Why Is Falun Dafa Persecuted in China?
Watch Online Download Hi / MPEG

Introduction of Falun Dafa - 8:39mins Watch Online Download Hi / MPEG
Blacklist - 8:50mins
Footage of Detainment Case in Hong Kong - 2:55mins
Western Practitioners Appeal In Front of Tiananmen Square - 12:22mins
Staged Tragedy - Self immolation on Tiananmen Square - 6:14mins
What Happened at Zhongnanhai on April 25, 1999? - 16:47mins
An Appeal to China, An Appeal to the World: Human Rights Violations, 2001- 13:44mins
Jiang's Regime Interference Extends Overseas - 9:60mins


Radio Broadcast News

Radio Eastside 89.7FM Sydney - Every Sunday Evening 6:00pm - 6:30pm Falun Dafa Program

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