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Sydney: National car tour to 100 cities kicks off ahead of G20 Summit calling for Falun Gong persecution to stop

Falun Gong practitioners in Sydney will commence a 100-city car tour on August 29, as Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull prepares to go to China for the G20 Summit. The aim for the car tour is to raise awareness amongst Australians about the ongoing 17-year long persecution in China. In particular Falun Gong practitioners will draw attention to the recently confirmed allegations of forced organ harvesting in China.

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Falun Gong Persecution 17 Year Commemoration

MEDIA RELEASE                                                                           19 July, 2016 Falun Gong Persecution 17 Year Commemoration Mass ORGAN HARVESTING continues SYDNEY (Falun Dafa…

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Falun Gong practitioners urge Prime Minster Turnbull to raise human rights violations issue during China visit

MEDIA RELEASE      5th April, 2016 Falun Gong practitioners urge Prime Minster Turnbull to raise human rights violations issue during China visit Download PDF version SYDNEY –Prior to Prime Minister Turnbull’s first visit to China, Falun Gong practitioners will gather at Sydney’s Martin Place on Thursday, April 7 to send a peaceful message to the…

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G20 Leaders’ Summit: Australian Police Impressed with Falun Dafa’s Peaceful Protest (Photos)

Impressed with Falun Dafa’s peaceful protest, police officers gave their support and protection during the G20 Leaders’ Summit held in Brisbane, Australia. The officers came to understand the kindhearted nature of practitioners through talking with them and reading their pamphlets. The officers said that they were impressed by practitioners’ calm and peaceful behavior given the severe persecution in China, and asked for a Falun Dafa banner to put up in their office after the activities concluded.

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Sydney CBD: Falun Gong practitioners will urge NSW Premier and parliamentarians to raise human rights with Chinese delegation

Sydney, 19 November, 2014: Falun Dafa practitioners from around Australia will stage multiple peaceful protests in Sydney, calling on the NSW parliamentarians to address human rights abuses with the Chinese delegation visiting Sydney between 18‐20 November.

Eight governors and mayors will attend the inaugural “China and Australia Governors Forum” held on November 19, hosted by the Premier Mike Baird.

Attending the events is Guangdong Governor Zhu Xiaodan, who has been singled out in his involvement with persecuting Falun Gong practitioners in China. Guangdong Province has been one of the places where persecution is the most severe and where live organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners has been taking place.

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