We Come

Treasures await an age no other could even dream, prophecies mere shortcomings to these. Bless each burden, each strident chorus for now. Do they not lead into the march where hearts and voices will soon praise this world again and all creation to come?

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THE SONG BEFORE THE WORLD BEGUN    I am the whisper upon the water the light behind the dawning sun I am the tempest and the endless tide the song before the world begun.   I am the dance that moves the atom from seed to star entwined I am the cradle and the cross…

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Finding a True Path After Many Years of Suffering

I am 72-years-old and live in a remote village. I have undergone many tribulations during my life. My family was landowners prior to the communist takeover of China, and we were well educated. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) seized our land and other properties. We became penniless and lived a miserable life. At school, I…

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Moments of the miraculous

behind every flower unfolding

inside each colour and luminous form

beyond the charge of atoms

endless skies to fathomless oceans

awakening realms between still and storm.

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  If we could touch the sky   let innocence dance across our days beyond these horizons with stars in our reach and no clouds gathered grey. Ignite the fire inside every heart awaken from this slumber songs fill the air when all life hallowed new worlds waiting in wonder. The call of oceans rising in…

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Compassion inside a falling tear with expression pure of heart come solemn eye and gentle hand where bridging two oceans apart.   Here across the widest horizons calling beyond our greatest fears a face behind the outer world compassion inside a falling tear.  — by G. T.

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I Found Hope in My Life

Life has changed a lot for me in the past few years. To tell you more, I have to go back several years ago. Lost in a Maze I was a troublemaker in middle school. My teacher often called my mother to my school but I did not care much. When discussing this at home,…

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With the coming of spring let the promise prevail beyond these clouds and bitter skies from here to the firmament as many a lotus bloom soon a breath of calm when the storm subsides. Where the truth unfolds in courage of heart by a poison of lies the world deceived no more as the Party…

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When the blood-red flag flies no more and the Party’s lies come to an end as winter fades to the unfolding spring here the lotus blooms and many a heart transcends. Through a history of campaigns and countless crimes propaganda and deception the order of the day where the coldest snow melts darkest skies depart…

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Two Scientists Find Falun Gong

Two accomplished Chinese scientists – a production safety expert and an inventor – credit their professional success to the practice of Falun Gong, a traditional mind-body cultivation practice. Both men were drawn to the practice due to chronic health problems, but each gained so much more than renewed physical health. These are their stories.  …

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