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Human Rights Violations of Australians and Their Families


Artist- ZHANG Cuiying

ZHANG Cuiying, a famous Australian Chinese artist, was illegally jailed for eight months in China for appealing for Falun Gong. Since her release from illegal detention in China, she has held numerous solo-painting exhibitions in Sweden, Germany, Ireland, Russia, Turkey, Spain, Canada, France, UK, USA, Japan, and many other countries, in order to tell the world of her eight months of suffering simply for being truthful.


Jane Dai

Ms Dai and her daughter are calling for your help in finding justice for their missing family member, whose death was caused by the Jiang Regime's persecution of Falun Gong.


Australian Practitioners' Appeal in Beijing

  • On 20 November 2001, approximately 35 citizens from 10 different countries, including Australia, USA, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, France, Israel and the UK, staged a peaceful appeal on Tiananmen Square in Beijing for the rights of Falun Gong practitioners.

  • Australian Falun Gong practitioners continually went to Tiananmen Square to appeal for practitioners in China with12 practitioners going during March 2002



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