Sydney woman seeks fair trial in torture case against Chinese dictator

The independence of the Australian legal system should not be pressured
by any political force or totalitarian regime.

Press Conference:
11:00AM, Thursday 22nd February 2007
In front of the Supreme Court of NSW, Macquarie Street, Sydney

A civil action lodged in the Supreme Court of NSW against former Chinese dictator,
Jiang Zemin for torture, has hit a brick wall according to plaintiff and Sydney
artist, Ms ZHANG Cuiying.

Ms Zhang and her assisting legal team believe that the case has reached a critical
stage due to pressure and interference from the Chinese communist regime which
effectively delayed the service of legal documents and obstructed normal proceedings.

Ms Zhang is seeking support for a fair trial. "The independence of the
Australian legal system should not be pressured by any political force or totalitarian
regime," she says.

"The proceeding of this case is a test of the values of fairness, justice
and independence of the Australia legal system. It has also challenged the ability
of the Australian Government and legal system in providing adequate protection
for Australian citizens when it comes to the issue of human rights and trade
benefits," said Ms Zhang.

"The Chinese communist regime has been using trade and business benefits
to lure and pressurise other countries into submission to its manipulation and
influence, resulting in great damage to human rights values and principles.
Such conduct should be not be tolerated and should be condemned," she continued.

Ms Zhang suffered illegal detention and torture for eight months in a Chinese
jail in 2000-2001 for her belief in the Falun Gong spiritual practice and brought
the action to the court in September 2004. The former Chinese dictator Jiang
Zemin has been sued in over ten countries for genocide, torture and crimes against
humanity in relation to the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China.

The next court hearing is on Monday 26th February 2007 in the Supreme Court
of NSW.

Posting date: 22/Feb/2007
Original article date: 21/Feb/2007
Category: Media Release


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